Service degraded - Website affected.
Incident Report for DashClicks
On Oct 13th 2021 at around 10:50am EST the website began experiencing elevated usage of compute resources.

The engineering team determined that the high resource usage was caused by an elevated number of incoming HTTP requests at around 11am EST. Began investigating third party cloud provider as a possible cause for this issue based on close proximity in time to the incident the days prior.

At around 11:20am EST our engineers determined that our third party provider was not the cause of the elevated HTTP request and instead the site was under active denial of service (DDOS).

The website was immediately re-routed to our high capacity servers to absorb the incoming requests and prevent customers from seeing errors as our engineers mitigated the issue.

At approximately 11pm EST the team had taken the necessary measures to mitigate the DDOS.

The team monitored the website over the next 12 hours to ensure the measures were effective. The website was routed back to our normal capacity servers and resumed normal operations on Oct 14th 2021 at approximately 11am EST.
Posted Oct 14, 2021 - 18:42 EDT